Of the Stars of Destiny

The Creation of a Hero is a simple task, one must be prepared for any challenge they have.

The Heroes of the Realm have their power valued Numerically… Starting on a scale we, the masters of this world, devised.

First, the heroes soul has access to the stats as followed: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8… Arthur Was a hero, with 16 strength, 10 Dexterity, and 18 Constitution, 8 Wisdom, 12 Intelligence, and 14 Charisma for example… Odd to measure the power of men like this, but alas it must be so.

Heroes usually have a story from before the destinies aligned to put them on the path of fate… From these prior adventures, they have wealth and experience. (Start at level 3)

In addition to all this, the languages of the Realm are as followed:
Brythonic or Briton, A celtic language spoken by the people of Camelot. It is the schooled language of the land, and many would refer to it as the Common Tongue.
Saxon – A germanic language, spoken by the Saxon, and Angles invaders
Welsh – A Celtic language, spoke in the Wale Kingdoms of Penndragon and Dyfed
Elven – An elegant language, spoken by those of the tower of Avalon and it’s colonies
Sylvan – The language of the Unseelie and Seelie. The Sidhe Fey language that came from Annwn
Dwarven – The Dwarven language, Gutteral and harsh. As deep hammers, hollow words that sound out like words in a cave
Norse – The Language of the Vikingur, the Jutes speak this language.
Latin – The language of the Romans, a simple language and the language of laws.
Greek – A Hellenistic Language spoken by those of the Greeks, and sometimes of the Roman upper class on the mainland. A habit which at this time has fallen out of practice since the fall. It is a language of manuscript and many of the old tales and legends are written in the greek verse.
Hybernian – A celtic language, and precursor to the “Irish Gaelic.” Spoken by the Hibernians
Giant – The language of those tall folk, Giantish is a language of rough sounding single syllable characters.
Draconic – The Language of Dragons, this ancient tongue forms the basis of the school of wizardry, infact, many of the elvish words for power come from this language. The Dwarven Rune words may have derived from it too, though they have more in common with celestial
Celestial – The language of the Heavens, and the realms beyond the world. The word Celestial here means more or less “Heavenly” and isn’t exactly tied to a single religion. Its a complex language, which mankind fails to pronounce even the most simple of words. It is a language understood, not spoken.
Abyssal – The language of Demons in the Service of the Bleeding god, it is a harsh language.
Infernal – The language of Devils and the Fallen Kind.
Orcish – The language Orcish is actually a combination of many of the Orc-kind and Goblinoid languages, it is a simplistic language that is easy to learn.
Trollkin or Lothian – Lothian or Lothish is a language of Trolls, mixed with the ancient celtic dialect. It is an odd language, spoken with the body, and has a wide variety of names that could mean the same thing. It is very difficult to learn due to the extensive vocabulary and vernacular rules. Entire sentences could be formed waving your hand and moving your fingers, making it a perfectly stealthy language, if need be.

Humans of the Realm get:
A magical item, equal to 3,000 gold in value. A Family Heirloom passed from generation to generation.
Equipment of Arms and Armour, Food and Gear totaling to 1000 gold. Either a bandit, serving in levies, or a mighty viking it matters little, the gear is what you had during these times, and what you kept.
Silver Bullion totaling to 2000 Gold in Value. This you spent at your leisure, either now or later. This is your payment for your deeds. This cannot be used to buy a more expensive magical item.
A banner, displaying a standard of Sorts. Either house, folk or faith
A petty Manor or Homestead, totaling to 10,000 gold in value. This dwelling is run down, small and where your family lives (if any remain.) While you could sell the manor if need be, being a Laird (Landowner) is far more important then having gold and this would severely hurt your renown and honor. (If Jute: A ship)
A letter, inviting you to Dyfed The castle known as the Castle of the Downs. It is here where you must travel to (In your prologue, it matters little, this is where you arrive.) Offering gold, glory and fame to any willing to prove their worth during the Brytenwalda, the Interregnum Britannia

The Fae of the Realm Get:
A magical Item, created by your house, totaling to 5000 gold for your service to the land and court.
Gear and Equipment, totaling to 1500 gold. This is what you earned under the service of the Seelie court, what they outfitted you with in the war with the Unseelie and humans.
1 ruby which is enchanted and disappears once you step outside Annwn, this ruby bonds to you and provide as a certain way to keep the pale knight from waylaying you from Annwn upon death, ensuring that the first time you die, you may return without issue.
A bag of Gems, totaling to 2000 gold which you can choose to spend at any time though this cannot be used to increase the value of the magical item you own.

The Elves of Avalon get:

Magic User:
A magic item totaling to 10,000 gold in value.
1000 Gold in equipment
A pouch of magic ingredients that would satisfy spell requirements for components up to 500 gold in value.

Melee Fighter:
An Elven Curved Blade +1 made of Mithril
3000 gold in Equipment

Dwarves of the Mountains get:

1 Magical Item totaling to 7,500 gold.
1 Suit of Armour of any sort made of Adamantine
(The Suit of Armour may be the magical item, your choice.)
Equipment and Goods totaling to 1000 gold.
A Map of Hidden Places, which can only be revealed if standing on a certain location, unknown to you or your family, during a full moon. These maps are dwarven treasures and may actually contain the whereabouts of a treasure.

The Falkyrite Get:

1 Magical Item made of Ice, this item can only be weapons or Armor, totaling to 5,000 Gold. If a weapon, it deals an additional 1d6 cold damage, if given to armour, it provides an additional +1
3000 Gold in Equipment and Gear
1000 Gold in Enchanted Sapphires, which continue to give off a cold feel.

Of the Stars of Destiny

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