Of the History of Britannia

The History of Britannia

Much has been lost of the ancient scrolls and secret ways before I walked the earth and decided to set quill to parchment to record history. For thousands of years I wandered in these forests, hills and mountains. Long have I drank from the springs and rivers. The beginning of this realm is too old for me to record, but those who walked in those days say nothing when the world was young. From what I have gleaned from the ancient eyes of forest sprites and carved in the Hills of Iron and Steel that once this land had no creatures. From the forests emerged the Fae. These fae would eventually split between those that walk the grassy plains and built cities – The elves, and those that did not – The Seelie. It was from these two folk that this realm first had blood shed and suffering.

Of the Seelie

The Court of Seelie was a majestic court indeed. Located on the boundries between Annwn and this realm the court of Seelie was an everlasting realm of green and beauty. Once had my eyes beheld sidhe fey and I was blinded then by it’s brilliance and wonders. How better it must have been in the ancient world before the Wars and the strife.
Those who call themselves Seelie are the fae-kind. Bodies made of leaves and branches, brambles and thorns. Soft spoken like reeds swaying in a gentle breeze these creatures sing songs onto the wind that tell of happiness and sadness. When the first children of the fae murdered each other the world had changed. It started the cycles of seasons. Seelie split into the Unseelie and Seelie courts, whose power and war are terrible. It is the results of this war that determine the time of year. Winter, the domain of the Cold and Terrible Unseelie versus the Warm and gentle Seelie and the court of flowers. It is this struggle everyone recognizes to be the Seasons.

Of the Elves.

The Elves were those of the woods that strayed from the paths of the forest into the fields and coasts. They tilled the earth and erected towers. They weaved spells and taught themselves much in this time. Peace they had known for many years before the ages of seasons. When the Seelie had their civil war, the Elves had to pick a side. The earth changed with the balances of power and it is this strife that sundered the elves as much as the Seelie. The Elves realms in these days were split into two main realms. Avalon, the Ivory Tower, and Hibernia the green realm.

It was Hibernia the most affected by these wars. The Isle of Avalon, protected by it’s magic and steeled by metal alloys unknown to the Seelie drove deep against the unseelie. At the apex of wars, at the height of conflict the Hibernians sided with the Unseelie, and attacked Avalon. Avalon responded and the conflict lasted until the edge of Night. Tens of thousands of souls were extinguished and it was said the tears of the gods and goddesses of the Fae fell and the Stars were created from this. The Stars were a new thing and it frightened the Elves and fae. Before this, light itself came only from the earth and things that glowed. Never had there been light from the heavens. It was during this time those who dwelt within Avalon called themselves the Elves of Star or the Eldar. Those Hibernian elves fearful of the Stars and cold now, from the influences of the Unseelie called themselves the Night Elves, harkening to a time before the stars light.

Of the Coming of The Dwarves

The Elves had fought to a standstill, and the seasons were wild. The land was devastated and
while the earth threatened to tear itself apart fissures began to form. From these holes the Dwarves were said to sprung. The Folk of Earth, Metal and Stone arose from their halls. Seeing the surface for the first time they walked and explored. It was the introduction of this new race that gave cause for pause. These new creatures could tip the balance of the war it seemed. Armed with strange metals, and armour that seemed to hum and glow with foreign runes these people established halls and began their spread throughout the stone crags. Both sides approached the Dwarves with offers of friendship and gifts. The Dwarves wary of these creatures refused the Gifts. It is unknown what may happened around this time, but by my research shows that the Dwarves may have been attacked, or they did the attacking, but the Elves and Seelie were driven from the Dwarf lands and the balance of the factions have remained ever since.

The Dwarves were an enigma. Having an extensive writing but no Gods or myths of their own. Their history begins roughly around the time of the Elves so neither side claims which came first. The dwarves and their ancestoral worship must have proven strange indeed, as they held no shrines, and venerated only their craft. It is this love for metal that the dwarves were forever known.

Of Mankind.

When man first walked the earth, the earth had taken its shape and it was old indeed. I was first amongst those few tribes. Not a man, but something else. I watched these people emerge from caves, like the dwarves. However, unlike the dwarves they were tall in stature. With them came their own gods. Gods of light, and fire, and soon the sun arose for the first time. The land basked in light, and all things dark, cold, and used to the twilight of Stars retreated, for a time, from this new foreign thing. Man spread from their realms and wandered the land. Hunting beasts and felling trees they first started their civilizations, crafting tools from crude stone, and later metal. They worshiped the sun and seemed to be at peace… I am unable to tell you who was the first human to kill a brother, but it happened outside of my gaze. Off of the isles of our birth civilizations arose. Humans became a powerful people and they soon displaced the elves, spirits and other things which lived on the land. Weak individually, the Humans had a collectivism that none other had, and they pulled to the ground cyclopses, and titans which before had been the kings of far reaching realms. They crafted metal and founded their city states. They named the nameless hills and dales, and they drained ancient marshes and tilled fields first plowed by the Elves. They became numerous quicker then any other before them. It was around this time I first left the isles, and learned at the world of large. From the Dunes of Aegyptos and the Halls of the Human king named Solomon and his temple. The Hellenes whose leaders included Alexander. These people were diversed, and their gods many.

of The Moon and the Balance of Magic

It came to no surprise that soon the Humans would clash with the Non-Humans. Though the humans had no Magic, they had the sun on their side, which would weaken those beings. This was a time when the sun would blanket the land and never set. However, from word upon lips did it come to my attention that the Norse people, ancient people of frost and snow had come up with a solution, and their own sun… And soon the Moon, a god by the name of Mani was created. Powerful, strong and young, the Moon and the Sun both competed with the sky. They too, fell in balance as the men admired the silvery disk and soon began to worship it too. The Norse plan worked, yet it proved a strange boon for both sides. For magic was strong under the Light of the moon, and the Sun provided respite for the Men who fought there wars. Balance returned to the land again. However, Humans would begin their long campaign under various gods to claim dominion of Earth. Sad times were before these humans who might destroy themselves in trying to destroy nature.

Recent History

Now then to the last 400 years. A man by the name of Julius Caesar once stood upon the shores of the Lady under a banner of Eagles. He left shortly after, but not before causing a buzz between humans and the other races. They brought ideas to the primitive Britons and though the tribes of the Humans were united and beginning to develop a sense of self, they were not prepared for these Romans to return. They seized land, and people upon arriving to the isles. Lead by powerful gods the Humans of the lower lands became subject to what they called was imperial conquest. Soon the country side was felled and villas and other strange structures were erected. Peace however, reigned. Those the woads of the Celtics harassed rome, they seemed to be invincible. When they tried and failed to conquer the Northern Lands, the Highlands, they built a wall named after their King, Hadrian. Wondrous things by men were here… but it was not to last. Gods to the men, were mutable things. Soon, this Jupiter, Mithras and Sol Invictus were abandoned to the God they called The Holy Spirit, whose symbol, the cross became as common as the tree. These romans grew weak. Sickness took the land and depravity arose in the name of the cross. It was a harsh time, and it seemed, if but for a moment, that those ancient beings would eliminate the Humans. The Romans soon left the britons and Nothing was left of the Eagle, or the Ideas of the Romans. Nothing was left of the Ideas of Jupiter, Mithras and Sol Invictus. Little remained of the pride of Humans and they set upon each other like wild animals. It was a strange time, and during this time, one human with the blood of a Dragon that I known sought to free the people and restore the glory of the realm. Restore the gods before gods, and give Britannia back to their goddesses.

I have taken it upon myself to inscribe those adventures in different books, which I encourage you to read…

- Merlin

Of the History of Britannia

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