Of Religion

The Religions of the Isles.

The Britonnic Religions

Though the Britannic Religions are numerous and earth worshipping, only one god of the Humans who worshipped the Land still holds sway. This does not mean there are not other gods, which there are hundreds, but it does mean that nearly every human village has a follower of Gwyn ap Nudd
Gwyn ap Nudd – Tylwyth Teg or “fair folk” and ruler of the Otherworld, Annwn. Described as a great warrior with a “blackened face”, Gwyn is intimately associated the Wild Hunt

The Religion of Rome

Jupiter/Jove The God of The Sky. The Primary god of the Romans, whose symbol, the Eagle, is shown holding the thunderbolt in arms. He was a powerful deity, ruling over a vast pantheon and protecting the Romans against disease and hardship. His waning influence was felt throughout the empire with the rise of the Cross.

Sol Invictus – The Immortal Sun. Venerated as a deity of the Romans, Sol invictus represents the infinite empire and was a god favoured by Statesmen and people who still clung to the old ways in an empire losing it’s heart and pride.

Mithras – A Mystery Cult, worshiped by the Roman Soldiers. Mithras was the Crosses last resistance in the Empire, as the Soldiers worshiped him, and the Aquila of Jupiter. Though his power has all but faded, some of the old soldiers of Rome which still dwell in the isles give whisper of his name.

The Cross and Holy Spirit – A religion of the East. Shadows and suffering follow those who venerate the bleeding god. Terrible acts are demonstrated to force compliance and worship. Cruxification and Inquisitions ensure worship in the Empire. King Arthur’s quest for the Holy grail was a quest for Enlightenment against the Shadows of the Holy Spirit and to placate this god from destroying his people.

The Religions of the Norse

Odin – The one eyed wanderer and god of the Jutes, Saxons, and Other “Barbarians” From across the straights, this wandering god has blessed, and harmed many in the Isles, and grants boons and victories to those pious enough. He is responsible for Berserker rages, the mystical force behind the Barbarians fury. He taught the Runes to the Dwarves and Mankind and gave spoken words to the Birds.

Thor – The God of the People, Norse Vikings and Lower class Bondspeople look to Thor for Protection, and his rain for fields.

The Religions of the Sidhe Fey

Britannia – Known as the Lady of the Lake, or Nimue to the Humans, this goddess is the representation of the Isles, and it’s spirit.

Hibernia – A Dark, cold goddess who delights in cruelty and causes suffering amongst the Seelie and Elves, and gives gifts to mischiefers

Freyja – A Goddess of Beauty, and a Vanir. The Elven Goddess confers gift and love to the people of the isles.

Frey – The Elven God of War, whose magic Sword has claimed to slain many. Supposed to have forced Excalibur and given it to the lady of the lake.

Evils of the world.

The Bleeding God – The “Mirror” of the Cross, Asmodeus, Lucifer, Hades, many names go to the Lord of the Abyss and the Pits of Infernal. Collector of Souls and sower of evil deeds, this god seeks dominion over mankind.

The Pale Knight – The God of Death, known as the Reaper, or the Shadow. This Creature wanders earth to collect souls and reap the Dead, this god is known for causing much suffering, but also as a guardian to the after life.

Pestilence – The horrors of the Black Death leaves a deep wound in the hearts of many, this festering god is known only as pestilence and is a competing enemy with the bleeding god. He concocts new diseases and spreads them across the land, causing suffering where ever his touch is.

Loki – God of Mischief and Father to Monsters, this man was once friend of Odin, but betrayed him for ultimate power. His children, the world serpent and the Wolf Fenrir are the bane of men and gods alike.

Of Religion

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