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The Annuls of History

By Merlin

Below is my magical archive containing all I know of the world. ’Tis fair knowledge, common to the folk of the realm. Though it be stored in Camelot this nexus of knowledge may be accessed by any rune stone located in virtually every village and town. (Meaning, refer back to this for common knowledge things, No need to roll for anything found within here.)

Of the History of Britannia
Of the Roman Occupation
Of Religion
Of the Fall
The Rise of King Arthur
Mordred and the War of The Scarlet Rose
Of the Interregnum Britannica
Of the Isles and It’s people
Of the Stars of Destiny

It is my hope that these pages will be able to enlighten those who come after me, and we strive not to repeat the mistakes we made. So come, and read. Pass on this knowledge and strive for the virtuous that this realm be founded on.

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Main Page

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